Be it first, or second jab, you may get it at Acropolis Mall today

With available data, It is now established worldwide, that presently the best weapon in our hand to fight the deadly covid 19 is the vaccine. According to our medical experts and our Government, Once the majority of population is vaccinated, The risk of Covid transmission can be reduced significantly to manageable levels.
This mammoth program in shortest possible period needs to be achieved with initiatives by maximum vaccination campaigns by the state govt as well as with private hospital set ups.

We always believe Malls are part of our social and day to day life, it is just not a place to buy something, but to offer many other services! Acropolis Mall is the venue partner for organizing walk in vaccine camps by AMRI, Mukundapur for over a month and half. So, You can also help your friends and relatives by passing the information about the vaccination camp at the fourth floor, Acropolis Mall.

All a person has to do is bring the Aadhar card, register on Cowin App and bring the registration numbers, and get the vaccination done. AMRI Mukundapur has set up a camp with doctors and nurses . It administers Covishield dose which is approved by WHO. The recipient need to adhere to the advice of the medical staff after the vaccine being administered and take necessary precautions.

At Acropolis Covid protocols are strictly observed, It is obligatory to wear masks and adhere to all social distancing norms. The vaccine centre at Acropolis Mall remains open on Sundays also.